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Steve, the owner of Stevar constuction will promise you the moon when bidding to get the job. After you hire them you will find his promises of what will be done are totally useless.

He will try to extort money for things he promised to do during the initial bid. The negative reports on the BBB site are absolutely correct. Steve is a smooth talker so do not let him talk you into believing it was the customer who was in error. It was Stevar that stalls the job and screws the customer.

You should NOT hire his company.

He cost me about $40,000 extra to stop working and me having to find subcontractors to finish what he started. A 9 week job has now turned into a 52 week job.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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Same thing happen to us with over $150,000 loss with what was paid to Stevar (Steve Vardaman, President of Stevar), $38,000 in unpaid subs and materials, lawyer fees and rent and storage for 13 months while we were out od our home on what he said was a three month job. We had liens placed on our home due to Steve not paying the subs.

Eric Langer ( Vice presdient of Stevar) still has a license with DBPR not sure what you have to do to get them taken. We filed a complaint almost two years ago with them and no action has been taken to date.

Both Eric Langer ans Steve Vardaman were arrested and booked for three different felonies in 01/2015 they were set for trial 10/06/2015 when I received a call Dan Yuter assistant state attorney that all charges were being dropped as Stevar had broken no laws. I don't know what happen that the charges were dropped.

Why were they arrested if they committed no crime? He said that them using our money to keep their business afloat wasn't a crime.

Bradenton, Florida, United States #996314

I was also ripped off by Stevar to the tune of $16,000. Tried the BBB, Attorney General and Seniors against Crime, with no luck Trying to find others in same situation to file a civil law suit? Any interest?

to Gypsyra1 #998653

I'd love to be part of the action to stop Stevar the snake!

Punta Gorda, Florida, United States #826241

Steve did a job for me and everything went perfectly. We had clear and precise goals that were all met as negotiated. I would have no problem using them on future projects.

Danny Rowe.

to Anonymous #826257

I assume it was a small job. The negative reviews all came from large jobs.

I thought he was fantastic when I hired him, but he wouldn't send his crew in to do the work and would not give any reason for not proceeding. I'm glad you didn't have to go through what we are still attempting to correct.

to Dsk #826260

We had the same bad experience with Steve.

to Unhappy #827675

Stevar is the most unethical company. They start great then will stop communicating and stop working.

to Dsk Marietta, Georgia, United States #903417

Boy did you luck out, you were one of the few Stevar or Steve Vardaman and Eric Langer cost us over $100,000. In overpayments for work not completed and unpaid subs that filed leins on our home.

to ***ker for Stevar Sarasota, Florida, United States #998532

I am trying to compile a list of names of who might be interested in filing a class action law suit against this bird. Interested?

to Anonymous Sarasota, Florida, United States #900766

If this is true you got lucky! Check out the BBB! And Stevar is getting a lott of play on WFLA 8 on your side.

to Leslie Bradenton, Florida, United States #900850

I hope that steve gets what is coming to him. What goes around comes around.

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